Executive Meetings

DAY-Events-Board-Meeting We provide any environment and equipment required to make the most efficient of the meetings of the board of directors which are very important for the corporate companies. We even hold outdoor meetings for some of the companies. At the meetings held together with various social events, the attendees feel mentally more dynamic. We provide new ideas to increase the efficiency of your meetings based on the requirements of your company.

Press Meetings

The press meetings not only include the speech of your company representatives. All the details should be considered elaborately from the venue to be selected to the sound and lighting. Therefore, the meeting to be held should be planned in exact proper way. Remember that creating a proper perception is contingent upon a team work and preparation. We provide support for you at every stage of your meetings with our professional DAY Events’ team. DAY-Events-Conference


Training & Motivation Meetings

DAY-Events-Training- Whether they are motivation-centered, or training-centered, if these events are organized properly, there is a serious increase in the engagement and motivations of the employees. As DAY Events, we act as aware of this and we provide A to Z guidance for you at your meetings intended for both training and motivation. If you wish, you can hold a picnic organization in stud farm communed with nature for your employees together with their families or you can plan a training program where signed books of a well-known personal development specialist are distributed.


Dealers Meeting

The organizations that improve the relationships between the dealers and head office for the foundations of the corporate culture to be firm are significantly important. As DAY Events, we move these organizations from their classic format to another dimension. We plan a comfortable accommodation, catering and entertainment for your company employees as well as team games where they can socialize with each other and enjoy. DAY-Events-


Gala & Entertainment Organizations

DAY-Events-Gala-Dinner We create special concepts for all the gala and entertainment organizations from the end-of-year company dinners to special parties, elegant cocktails at luxury venues to birthday parties. As DAY Events, we design various activities and enable that special night to be more impressive and unforgettable.


Product Launches

The first meeting of your valuable product developed out of long hours of work with the market should be intended for the most proper audience with the most suitable image. At each stage of this first step your take to be the star of the market, we as Day Events work meticulously. We provide support for you with the Day Events’ quality beginning from the selection of the venue to the decoration, gifts, technical equipment, and the installation of the sound and lighting systems. DAY-Events-Product-Launch

Our Equipments

DAY-Events-Technic-Systems DAY-Events-Equipment

  • Simultaneous Translation Systems
  • Display Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • LED Display Options
  • Projectors and Projection Screens
  • Camera and Mixer Systems
  • Plasma Display Options
  • Lighting and Truss Systems
  • Delegate – Gooseneck– Lapel – Handheld Microphones
Stage & Setting

  • Stage Design and Applications
  • Platform Application
  • Decoration and Ornamentation Applications
  • Fair Booth Design and Applications
  • Outdoor Designs